Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling
  • Measurement Range : 0~16m/s
  • Measurement Depth : 8mm~10m
  • Measurable Materials : water, opaque, liquids, slurry, oil, mayonnaise, and more
Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler (UVP) measures liquid flows velocity as a function of distance, using a pulsed-Doppler based method. It uses the following principles
  • Pulsed emission of ultrasound signals
  • Echography : echo reception as a funtion of time
  • Detection of the doppler shift frequency
  • Non-Intrusive technique which measures the velocity of micron-sized particles in the flow
  • Measurement in water, opaque, liquids, slurry, oil, mayonnaise, and more
  • Velocity range from zero to many meters per second
  • Measurement of flow reversals possible
  • High spatial and temporal resolution : down to millimeters of less, and down to few milliseconds
  • Instantaneous and time-averaged information
  • Measuring depth from millimeters to meters
  • Possibility to compute statistics, spatial correlation, spectra and other relevant data from time sequences of profiles
  • Complete flow field mapping possible
  • No calibration required
  • Through-wall measurement often possible
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